Monday, February 19, 2007


Bogie had Bacall, Romeo had Juliet, Andy had Barney......and me ? Well Jason had Television. Some of you are sitting there going ....HAD ? WHAT THE HELLLLLOOOO is he talking about ....Has he lost his fracking mind ? Well maybe I have lost my mind ...but I have decided to give up Television...or should I say the watching of Television for Lent. In years past I have given up Coffee, all drinks but water and juice and no radio in the car but this year I wanted to make a bigger statement in my life.....and this is my choice.

Anyone who knows me ....and knows me really good knows that TV is a huge part of my life....and that in itself is a little bit embarassing. I love good TV ...hell I love bad TV! I have been raving these past few weeks about LOST and how good it is again but guess what, after this Wednesday more LOST till April. No more Friday Night Lights......No more Daily Show or Colbert Report......and no more OFFICE.....Ellen, Law and Order, Ghost Hunters,......They are all banished till after Easter......

So here are the RULES .....

1. No TV during the week. NONE! On Sundays I will limit myself to a very few news programs and The History Channel.

2. I will still use my TV to watch movies that I receive from Netflix. I pay for that service each month and will not waste the movies I get.

3. If I am at a friends house and the TV is on I will do my best to remove myself from the situation. I wont leave but I can go to another room, outside ...something.

4. BOOKS will once again become one of my best friends. If anyone out there has any suggestions on reading material PLEASE send it my way.

5. The last rule is more of a challenge .....I challenge all those reading this and all those in the know about what I am doing to give up something this year also...........We all know what Lent is and what it means ....What are you giving up ????

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Once was LOST .....but now am Found!!!!

This is a review of next weeks new episode of LOST. It was printed in the new copy of Entertainment Weekly.

I'm not going to screw around. It's good. Really good. Like season-one, stuff-gets-answered,can't-wait-for-the-next-episode good. To recap: Ben is bleeding out on the table. Jack is demanding the release of Kate and Sawyer. and the fan base is demanding some frickin' forward movement. Well, how about the full-on Juliette backstory? Information about how the Others ended up on the island? Super-creepy Dharma experiment sequences?
Yeah, You know you want it. And by the end, you will be begging for more. Well,that, and praying this isn't just another tease from a show that always seems to start strong out of the gate.
Daniel Fierman
His score of the episode -A