Saturday, November 24, 2007

Things like .....Waterloo,The Sinking the Lusitania,Remember the Maine, The Alamo,Battle of The Bulge,The Challenger Explosion......

Well......Maybe those are the things Coach Saban will compare the loss to Auburn to on Monday at his weekly press conference ......Enjoy this weekend Auburn Nation. He is gonna be a good coach at Alabama doubt about it but let me remind folks what he said this summer when asked about taking the Alabama job last winter...." Well, it was the only job really open at the time " WOW ......Did you see the look on Paul Bryant Jrs face in the stands ???Priceless

I am hoping that Coach Tuberville will get a contract extension at AU.....I am hoping that he is sincere when he says he wants to retire from coaching at Auburn.....That this will be his last coaching job ... I hope he stays ! He is 7-2 against Alabama in 9 years at Auburn. He is a good decent coach that has Auburn in a great place!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

We regret to inform you .......

Its been a while since I posted but as many of you know I have been without a computer at home for a while. I am writing this post from work and just to let you know I am still without a computer. Obit Follows
Funeral services were held on Thursday November 14 for DELL Inspiron 1200. She died peacefully in her sleep on Wednesday at Computer Customware, after a long illness. She is survived by her owner Jason and thousands of brothers and sisters. After serving for 3 years as the primary computer for Mr Gregg she noticed that she was not feeling herself and was starting to feel run down. After many attempts to upgrade and fighting a brave battle she succumbed to her symptoms. She will be missed by all her friends and family.


I am going out of town this weekend for the big National Youth Workers Convention over in Atlanta. Should be a fun time ...I really enjoy going to visit Atlanta. There are great places to eat and fun things to see in addition to the time that will be spent at the Conference .

Next week of course is Thanksgiving and as always we will be hosting the combined Gregg/Miller/Norwood/Segrest/Marshall family gathering at our house. Always a fun time and its really the only time during the year that my family gets together and is truly RELAXED.
We eat, take walks , sit outside and drink coffee, talk, play silly board games.....Just have a good time ....Now compare that to Christmas---YIKES!
Happy Thankgiving to everyone out there reading this .....

Fall TV so Far......
CHUCK-started out great ...really enjoyed it at first but the show has kinda tapered off....Still watching but......
REAPER-GREAT SHOW .....each week it has gotten better than the previous and the cast has really come along since the beginning . The highlights of the cast are Ray Wise as the Devil and Brett Harrison as Sam the main character. Ray Wise has been in a lot of shows over the years and also has appeared in a ton of movies ...he was also on the West Wing SO THERE!!
DANCING WITH THE STARS-Who knew i would get addicted to this show ...WOW
Thats it for now ....