Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Old Four Eyes!!!

So ....

Monday night we had a small gathering for Laura M's birthday ....great friends from Bham were down for the evening just for the party along with the McFees from right here in Montgomery and it really turned out nice and it was so great to have us all together for the evening. We dont all see each other nearly enough and that makes me sad

Laura is a fantastic 26 years old and a fine time was had by all ....Martinis, Jack, Rum and Cokes....Birthday Cake.....VERY off key singing of Happy Birthday and even a few tears after the singing ...

So here is the thing ......I think there is a real chance that I might need reading glasses of some kind....Nothing too strong but I am having some problems seeing things like menus at Sinclairs!!!

Especially when its dark in the restaurant ....I am glad we all had a good laugh at my expense HAHAHA

I have worn glasses since 1984.....so its not a big deal to me to wear them ...always have and most likely always will but Monday night something hit me hard ....the realization that my eyes are getting worse in the other direction ...Farsightedness. I have always been nearsided( not seeing far off ) but things are starting to change....BLECH.

I have also noticed this change at work while writing at my desk or using the keyboard on the computer....I notice it on Sunday mornings while reading something at a worship service....I really notice it at night .

A friend of mine whos father is a doc said that your eyes are tired by the end of the day so of course you will notice it then...

I am 34 in May. Not old by any standard and if you ask any of my friends they will tell you I am proud of my age ....I am 34, so what !

My mother said she started using reading glasses when she was in her mid 30's and so did my dad....maybe this is just the next step, I am not sure
Sen.Clinton seemed like a spoiled child tonight at different times during the debate. Sad.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

People Who Aren't as Nice as You'd Think They'd Be

This is a reprint from the current March issure of ESQUIRE magazine.....Some of these are dead on!....
Puppeteers,nurses,hippies,clowns,911 operators,comediennes,civil-rights leaders,ice-cream truck guys,God,grown men named Nicky,TV-makeover doyennes,the gays,Alex Trebek,flight attendants,choir directors,white house press secretaries,pastry chefs,belletrists,humanist philosophers,off-duty cops,office-league softball umpires,fathers of female tennis pros,Buddhist monks, Grandma.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


In honor of our national holiday that celebrates all that is Presidential.... here are some weird and somewhat unusual facts about our former Presidents. Hooray for those friends of mine out there that get EVERY STINKING FEDERAL HOLIDAY ....and I cannot prove it yet but I think he also takes off for national holidays in Canada .

1. George Washington had at least four sets of false teeth, which he soaked in port; after being elected President, he had a new pair created from hippopotamus tusk. He also had a fear of premature burial and owned six white horses whose teeth were brushed every morning. He also loved to tell dirty jokes and obscene stories (in the 1920s, J.P. Morgan burned several Washington letters because they were too "smutty").

2. Calvin Coolidge once fell asleep at his desk in the middle of the day. When he awoke, he asked "Is the country still here?". He was also known to have his head rubbed with vaseline while eating breakfast in bed.

3. Franklin Pierce was arrested during his term as President for running over an old lady with his horse, but the charges were later dropped

4. Franklin Roosevelt was so superstitious, that he wouldn't leave town on a Friday and never sat at a table with 13 people.

5. Zachary Taylor refused to violate the Sabbath by taking the oath of office, so under the Succession Act of 1792, Missouri Senator David Atchinson (President Pro Tempore of the Senate) became president of the United States for a day. He appointed his friends to Cabinet positions, had a few drinks, then went to bed.

6. Howard Taft had a pet Holstein named Pauline in a pasture next to the Executive Mansion.

7. Thomas Jefferson is often credited with inventing the coat hanger, the hideaway bed, the calendar clock and the dumbwaiter. However, he wrote his own epitaph without mentioning the fact that he served as President of the United States for two terms.

8. Martin Van Buren refused to mention his wife's name in his autobiography-- on the grounds that a gentleman would not "bandy a lady's name in public."

9. Chester A. Arthur ("Elegant Arthur") owned eighty pairs of trousers and changed clothes several times a day.

10. Ronald Reagan consulted astrologers before making important decisions, including when to invade Grenada and bomb Libya

11. Eight Presidents were born British subjects: Washington, J. Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, J. Q. Adams, Jackson, and W. Harrison.

12. George Washington was the only president who did not represent a political party.

And because I am an FDR geek ....here are a few more facts just about him.

--Model shipbuilding and stamp collecting were FDR's favorite hobbies. At his death, the sale of his personal stamp collection brought in more than $200,000.

--The Roosevelts hosted the 1st visit of a reigning British monarch to the U.S. George VI and his wife Elizabeth spent a day and a night at the White House, and were introduced to that great American food, hot dogs, for the 1st time.

--There was an assassination attempt on Roosevelt in February, 1933, while touring Miami Florida. Roosevelt was unharmed, but Anton Cermak, mayor of Chicago, was killed. Presidents were still sworn in in March so FDR was still the President Elect.

--He was the first president to have a presidential aircraft.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Makin a list and checking it twice.......

I never thought this blog would last to see 100 posts I only ever started as a way to talk about my feelings and stuff associated with the death of my Dad ....So anyway, here I am still coasting along ....Thanks for reading !!
I was tagged by Stephanie and the best I can remember I have never been tagged before by anyone ...so here goes . 7 things ........

  • I am a huge HUGE fan of the following .....Frank Sinatra, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Gone With the Wind (the Book).
  • I once painted a dog smurf blue. I held him down and spray painted him...From nose to tail.
  • This is kinda sad ....but I have used AOL since 1997. I dont like changing computer "stuff".
  • A source of pride in my life is that my grandad said no to segregation in the early 1960s and lost alot of friends because of it .....I hope I would have the courage to do the same today.
  • I carry 3 Sacagawea dollar coins in my pocket. I have had them since March of 2001. Let me go on and say that I also carry a handkerchief in my pocket most days....
  • I dont use canned shaving cream. I use a brush and lather up with a cake of soap. Its true what people say about using this method....... It makes for a better shave. Try it. I am now thinking that I am a bit old-fashioned
  • and finally ...my favorite quote from FDR-"A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned how to walk forward." So true .....

Friday, February 08, 2008

Just to hear myself talk .......

Just a few musings tonight ....nothing too serious
The season of Lent has started and my boycott of Wal Mart is in full swing.
LOST has me scratching my head AGAIN this season .....but its still better than reruns caused by the writers strike.
Obama won Alabama .....We have come a long way since "Segregation Today,Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever" .
I am having a root canal on Monday but my tooth has kept me up for several nights and I am actually looking forward to Monday...!!!!
I just re-watched the movie THE COLOR PURPLE.....such a good movie.
Already wanting to head back to Asheville

One last thing....
I was at a store tonight getting something framed. I got in line to check out and thats when the fun started.....This lady and her son were in front of me buying a total of two objects. The lady informed the cashier that she had a coupon for the purchase and she started looking for it ....and looked and looked and looked ....The cashier told her three seperate times that she did not need the coupon she would apply it ...No worries . The customer still looked and looked...then dumped her wallet out on the counter ....the cashier then AGAIN said she did not need the coupon and its at that point that the lady looked up and when "OH"....I should mention that about the time the lady dumped her purse out I had started eating my hand in protest....GAHHHHHH!!!!!
I kid you not when I tell you that I stood in line longer to check out than it took the lady in the back to frame my picture!!!!!! There was no trying to move to another line when the other cashier said "next customer" ....of course I was the next customer but all the soccer moms would have killed me first before they let me in the line before them ....
After the customer had finally paid and was about to leave her son hands her his item...which he never placed on the counter to be rung up.....OH MY DEAR LORD!!! I should stick to online EVERYTHING....banking, buying, etc.
Anyway ...I finally got my FDR for President poster framed......