Saturday, March 17, 2007

Let them die ............

How has your week been ?

We had our first official LOST watching party and besides on tense moment it went really good and I am looking forward to getting together again with them this week.
I am reminded of a scene from a Star Trek movie where the Klingon race is going to be facing extinction if help from the Federation and Starfleet is not forthcoming. Captain Kirk is trying to be persuaded by Captain Spoke to help them ....saying "they will all die" Kirks response "LET THEM DIE" He changed his tune by the end of the movie......I am hoping for the same in one aspect of my life. Does this sound cryptic? If you know me know what I mean. I think it will all work out in the end though.....

IF you are not watching LOST then you are missing a good second set of episodes this season.

It looks like my other fav show will be renewed after this season ....FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS

I spent this past Friday night in Auburn AKA THe Plains and discovered a really cool place called THE OLDE AUBURN ALE HOUSE. They had a band....they had good food and they brew their own beer. Here is the question .....IN a place that brews their own beer in the world can you order a domestic like Miller Lite or Bud Light ?? But I heard folks doing ...heard it with my own ears. How bout this .....try something different , go out on a limb and get something that actually might taste good. I dont think you will regret it in the long run.....

On Saturday I spent the day in Warm Springs, Ga .....Home to Franklin D. Roosevelts Little White house . I honestly think I could go once a month to visit over there ....the place reeks of history ...if you have not been ..GO!!!

Easter is just around the corner and right after that I am taking a few days off and heading up to my home away from home ....Asheville, NC. I love it there and cannot wait to walk around Pack Square, down Biltmore and Broadway avenue, go to Barleys and .....well If you have been you know what I will be doing.....

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Well Have a gay ole time !!!!!!!!!!!!

Well......I am still waiting for the results of the tests I took the other day .....I have now called twice for the results and have not heard anything back yet ......Doc's do things on their own time....Anyway when I know something I will pass it along.
LOST is getting really really good ....we had our first official LOST watching party over at Nick and Lauras house this past Wednesday night.....This came about for two reasons 1st-Nick finally got all caught up on the past episodes and 2nd-we had to move the watching party bacause Jackie has been sick this week. We hope she is feeling better and will be ready to watch next week with everyone .
Other things .....
Why cant the folks who are in charge just let gays serve in the military?? I dont understand how anyone in this day and age can be worried about what "might" happen.......What's the absolute worst that could happen?? Someone who is gay joins, goes to Iraq, and gets a leg blown off or two legs?? And then they can go to Walter Reed Medical Center and get great medical care !?!?!?!? I dont mean to make light of a serious subject but for goodness sake......If these men and women who are gay want to serve their country and take the chance to getting KILLED ...then let them!!! They are wanting to do something that many folks around of nation dont want to do ! The idea that some guy would decide in the heat of battle that he wants to kiss the guy next to him GIVE ME A BREAK !!!!!! Do away with DADT and let these folks serve openly.
Nick has given us Homework again .....What's on our iTunes playlist right now ....
This is a combo of a couple of my playlists ....Enjoy
Papa Loves Mambo-Perry Como
Catch a Falling Star-Perry Como
I'll be Seeing You-Frank Sinatra
The Departed Soundtrack
Your Man-Josh Turner
It is Well-Gaither Vocal Band
Because He Lives-Gaither Vocal Band

Saturday, March 03, 2007

It could be worse ...........

So ......Giving up TV has not been as easy as I maybe thought it would be ....I have done real good on lots of levels but I have not been able to shake LOST. It is so good right now and some of my best friends are just now getting to where they are caught up with past episodes and we are all getting ready to watch together .....If sucks to have no resolve.
I am trying to get better at blogging but things in my life right now just dont allow me to do it on a daily basis. Stay tuned ...
I rediscovered Nashville last weekend .....what a fun place!
On Monday I will be having some tests run.....nothing too serious but nothing that I am looking forward to doing ...anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am not a fan of going to the doctor much less having tests run ....I will keep everyone informed.
Its late and I am tired.....More later