Monday, May 28, 2007

33 Candles .......and a few matches !!

Summer is here .....

We all know that the first day of summer does not come until next month but here in the United States we start summer on Memorial Day!!!
Memorial Day weekend was a blast ! Sunday night was spent at the Mielkes house with most of the other "Losties" .....and we also had a few more folks added into the mix for our cookout and I think I can speak for everyone when I say it was a Blast!!
I have never been a fan of charades but let me tell you .....I am a fan now ! Its amazing to watch grown people have so much fun and laugh at each other and themselves!
The main thing was the fellowship ......All of my friends were there and thats what made it a great night is that these are wonderful,great folks and I am blessed to call them friends!
My night ended with a birthday cake baked by Mr and Mrs Mielke! It was in the shape of Mickey Mouse and I dare say that Chef Duff at Charm City Cakes on Food Network has nothing on them!!!!!!!!! Its a bit of an inside joke but the last two years I had spent my Birthday at either Disneyland or Walt Disney the Mickey cake was to make up for not getting to go to Paris Disneyland!!!!!!
I raise my glass to Summer!!! Crap I must have really had a great time if I am toasting SUMMER!!!!

On another note ....The YEAST IS WORKING !!!!!!!!!!

I made a HUGE step this past Friday afternoon by turning in my paperwork to Troy University. I paid my money to the University to get the ball rolling and spoke with an advisor about my options . When I was in school before I was working towards a degree in History but am not sure what direction I will be going in .....I am hoping to be back in school by the fall semester. Keep me in your prayers.

If you have not checked um out yet ...Tune into the following this summer if you get a chance....
Little People,Big World on TLC....The Real Deal on TLC......Ace of Cakes on The Food Network. All excellant shows

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pop some corn and lower the lights...........

First ...I dont apologize anymore for being late in updating my blog ....But Nick said he would be more than happy to post on here for me if I was too busy .....I really think winning that Blog away has gone to his head !!!

I really dont have anything on my mind right now I am gonna talk about some recent movies and television shows ...

Spider-Man 3- What can I say good about this movie? It ended ! Will Hollywood ever learn to stop when they are ahead? I guess the movie had its moments but they were few and far between and it was too long also .
28 Weeks Later-A sequal to a horror film that was actually pretty dang good. I went to see this one alone. First Mistake! I dont do horror movies very well!! I have walked out of more than I have actually sat through in the theater....I tend to be a baby about horror movies in the theater. You see, at home I can stop the movie ...walk around ....fix a drink...change my shorts because I just had the crap scared outta me!!!! You get the point but I am happy to say that I stayed for the whole movie. Check it out !
Children of Men(DVD)-Excellant show! Clive Owen might just be my new favorite British actor. Such a well acted movie and the scenes where they are rounding up the illegal aliens in Britain.....WOW ! Its really creepy to see these soliders placing these others into buses and shipping them off .....Anyone remember what happened in Nazi Germany? Or what could happen here in the US. Watch this movie!
The History Boys(DVD)-The setting of this movie is also in England at a boys school. The movie follows them as they prepare to leave their school and go off to college. I watched this one with Jason and he was able to give me some insight into the process of going to college in Great Britain. Pretty Good movie.
Come Early Morning(DVD)- Hate to say it but this is a complete and utter Chick Flick! But I really enjoyed it. Ashley Judd is the main lead in it and she does a great job. Small town type film. Good date movie
Bobby and Infamous(DVD)- Skipped some of Bobby and did not finish Infamous. Bobby is set in 1968on the day that Bobby Kennedy was shot at the Ambassador Hotel in LA. Too many story lines to really follow. Infamous is another telling of the Truman Capote tale when he wrote his great book IN COLD BLOOD.

Now go rent something!!


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What goes up ....

I cannot believe what I am about to say ...but here goes .....I think I might be tired of LOST!! I am not done with the show yet ..Folks will be the first to tell you that I am the worlds worst at getting into a show and then losing interest....Maybe that has happened with this show , maybe i just need a break ..13 weeks of new shows without any reruns or a break has been alot.....I mean we only have three weeks till the season is over BUT I am getting really tired of trying to keep up with everything. It entertains me still but increasingly it getting to where its not that much fun anymore. This past Wednesday promised to show us Ben's origins on the island ...and I guess it did but it was kinda subpar on lots of levels. Once again we were left with more questions than answers and at some point they have to start telling us SOMETHING. The whole "Jacob" thing kinda creeped me out .....and the deaths of all the folks at the camp was weird in a "Jim Jones drinking kool-aid kinda way"
I love our weekly LOST watching parties and I hope we can find something to take their place this summer (not watching old episodes of LOST though) but something....
I am glad the summer scheduling is coming up because it will mean a break from trying to figure things out .....Anyway, I am just a little put out by the show right now ...
Maybe thats the reason I have been watching so much of THE WEST WING! Even when it was not at its best it was better than alot on TV.
If all I have to watch this summer is FLIP THIS HOUSE, ACE OF CAKES, MIAMI INK and WEST WING reruns on DVD and anything else on cable then that is fine by me.......
ABC has said LOST will not return until January of 2008.
Fine by me !!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

All roads lead to Jasper, Alabama

Couple of things in no order ........
LOST is nearing its season end and I have to admit its been pretty damn good .....Each week that goes by brings more answers ....but it also brings more questions. Its kinda like this ..."Oh we now know why everyones ears are larger on the island" but then we get new questions like these ...." Why are the pie plates all yellow?" and "How much wood COULD a woodchuck chuck IF HE REALLY COULD, FRIGGIN CHUCK WOOD????????????????" If you are a fan of the show you know what I mean by all this....
You see ,I have finally decided that LOST is an enigma ...a conundrum....or maybe an enigma wrapped in a conundrum but anyway you look it it makes for good television but I will be glad to see the season end and allow us to have a little break......for good measure let me say HOLLA to Jasper, Alabama .
It's May .....May! Next Friday is my Brothers 37 birthday.....Then on Sunday its Mothers Day ...Then on the 17 my Nana will be 87 years .....Several other friends have also have bdays this month. Its a good month!
I want to make homemade ice cream on the back porch .....In a large hand crank freezer ...Maybe mix in some strawberries or peaches. Dang that sounds good!
For the past few weeks I have been rewatching THE WEST WING. Just when Nick decided to take a break I pick up the habit . Its like going to bed with old friends.....and thats what she said!!!!
Now here is a real suprise ....I kinda want to go to the beach .....have a cool mojito or maybe some sangria and just sit and relax....I am sure this will pass because I will soon remember that I dont dig the beach....Its do crowded, hot, sandy, YUCH.
After seeing President Clinton in Bham a few weeks back it makes me want to get more involved with politics. Work on a local level maybe, actually help get someone elected....Help get folks interested in the process again..... It is sad to think that more young people vote for American Idol than will for the Presidential election in November 2008!
When will we start saying the year as "TWENTY OH SEVEN " instead of "TWO THOUSAND AND SEVEN" Does that even make sense as to what I am talking about???
Why did it only take about one year to build the Pentagon and the Empire State Building and yet it will take until 2012 or so to finish the new World Trade Center area in NYC??
Why have we not rioted in the streets because of high gas prices? Because we are whores to our automobiles .....
I want to buy organic food but dang its expensive......
Its hard to believe that in a country as rich as the USA we still have 44 millionAmericans without any type of heath insurance and that number includes almost 7 million children or people under the age of 18. Crazy. Cant we do better ?
Would a timeline for a pullout in Iraq really be the end of the world ? Does anyone with an ounce of free thought really think that the minute we leave ,regardless of when that is , is really going to matter. Maybe I think to simple about things ....
Teddy Rooselvelt once said " Its not what America has that makes it great, Its what we do with it that makes us great"