Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's a Date.......

Dates you should never forget.....As told in the new edition of Mens Health Magazine
  • The edible kind, like the ones that killed the monkey in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Without the posion of course, dates are low in calories (24),fat and cholesterol;full of fiber and richer in potassium than bananas. Eat six or seven a day and shave points off your blood pressure while adding snap to your bullwhip.
  • 1507. The year the New World was named after Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci. People remember guys who arrive first and plant their flag. Having a cool name helps, too.
  • February 26, 1993: The first attampt to destroy the World Trade Center. Few attacks come unannounce, whether on the battlefield, in the boardroom, or in your own backyard.
  • Her mom's birthday. Hell hath no fury like a women with a mother-in-law scorned.
  • January 1692. The kickoff to the Salem witch trials. Nineteen people were hanged in a climate of war, economic strife, religious intolerance,and teenage boredom. Of course, something like that could never happen today.
  • The date when you took her on a picnic instead of to a restaurant;to an art museum instead of to a movie;or on a midnight stroll on a beach instead of to a bar for a nightcap. Also,the date when you were asked in for that drink instead of being dispatched with a hug.
  • D-Day: June 6, 1944. If the Nazis had won the war,we'd probably be on our Ninth Reich by now. History has a series of pivot points. We bet your own life has had a few. Learn from them and it will be easier to spot the next one coming.
  • November 19, 1863. Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. If you want immortality, get to the point.
  • January 1, 2000. Two dropped digits plunged cyberspace into chaos, resulting in premature missle launches, a global transportation shutdown, and a worldwide economic meltdown. Oh, wait a minute. No, they didn't. So the next time a coworker starts hoarding drinking water and stockpiling munitions because the end is near-heard about the 2012 apocalypse lately?- abuse him verbally.
  • Any expiration dates. Medicines, health insurance,passports,driver's license. Red Tape Sucks!

Monday, October 23, 2006

I blame Nick for this ......

My last post was when I got back from North Carolina .....I thought I had some really good stuff to talk about after that but now I am drawing so many blanks .....
My creative juices are gone for some reason ...and I blame Nick ....cause I gotta blame someone that aint me !
Yo Yo Ma Rules !!!!!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

If you are lucky enough to be in the mountains....then you're lucky enough!!

At the very top of Grandfather Mountain October 12, 2006

PART 1......

I am back ...Did yall miss me ?

I spent the last week on holiday in North Carolina.The British say holiday instead of vacation and I like the sound of it anyway I was in Asheville to be exact. I am about to sound kinda silly someone with a high school crush.....BUT I dont care . I LOVE Asheville, North Carolina. Well, to say that I love the mountains as a whole would be a slight understatement. But, I do dig Asheville for so many reasons many that its hard to pick just one. So lets start with this ....It's eclectic....
Eclectic is described by Websters as being ....
Selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles, composed of elements drawn from various sources.

That's Asheville! That's the mountains of Western North Carolina! People who settled the region came from all over...Scotland, Ireland, many styles and elements that came together to make something so beautiful. The people who walk the streets today are every element that you can imagine. Diverse.

I feel comfortable in the's soothing! I have been there in all four seasons, in the rain, snow, high winds....No matter the weather I always have a smile on my face. The area suits me. The people suit me. It all suits me . I told yall I was gonna sound kinda silly. It's a lovely place. My mood rises when I leave because it only means I get to come back someday and enjoy it all over again.
My family has roots that go deep in the mountains of NC. A family that has ancestors that fought in the Revolutionary War and them came back to start families. My grandfather moved to Alabama in 1940 because of his being in the Army Air Corps. He stayed in and fell in love with my Nana.....Here we are..................BUT
I sometimes sit and think that maybe I could be the one to "take" our family back to buy a house on Rock Hill Road in Asheville and just let things happen.

If I cant live there full time then I plan on going back as often as time and funds will allow. I also want to take family and friends back with me. And as often as they want to go . When you have something this great that you enjoy this much should be shared and shared often.
I want to expose people to The Blue Ridge Parkway, Barleys, The Mast, Christmas at the Biltmore Estate, The Noodle House , The Grove Arcade, the Natahalla, All Souls Church, Pack Square,Grandfather Mountain, The Grove Park Inn and so many other great places.

So who wants to go ? When do you want to go ? How long do yall want to stay? I am up for any trip that will include the mountains.

I might live in Alabama but North Carolina is my home.

This is the first of at least two posts. Stay Tuned!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


What's going on .....
The Good....
LOST's third season begins tonight on ABC. The USA Today gave it 3.5 stars out of 4. I am pretty dang excited about the show getting started back up tonight. Auburn is currently 5-0 and Number 2 in many, if not all national polls. I have been talking about it for months but it looks like the time has finally arrived for my vacation to Asheville, NC. This will be my third trip to western NC this year. I cant get enough of that area. My friends are wonderful family is great.
Work continues to go very good for me. I really do enjoy getting up each morning and going into work. The weather in Montgomery makes me very sad. We have maybe TWO days of good Fall weather and then its like someone pulling a rug out from under us ....just like that...BAM! It is 93 degrees on the 4th of October......But things will cool off again and all will be right in MGM.
The Bad....
A scandal has hit the higher reaches of our Government. AGAIN! Former Rep.Foley of Florida did some bad things it would seem. If he has some demons and needs to work on taking care of those problems I really REALLY hope he finds the help he needs. Is he the reason no one has any faith in our political system? Or people like him? There have been scandals going all the way back to Pres. Washingtons time but it seems that so many Americans are just turned off by the whole political process. Everyone is to blame ...Democrats and Republicans. Although, Ann Coulter said last night that this was all being made a much bigger deal by the Dems. Ugh! Why cant folks take responsibility for things ? I am a Democrat and it upset me when President Clinton had his affair with Monica. Still makes me mad. OWN up to what you do ....thats all.

8.4 Billion is being spent each month in Iraq. I know we are at war . Times are different. People all over the world hate us for what we stand for . That sucks. But besides longer lines at the airport, what sacrfices are we being asked to make ? Where are the ration cards like the ones my grandparents used during WWII? Where are the blackouts?
We are asked to realize we are fighting a global war on terror but then expected to act like nothing is out of the ordinary. On so many levels that is not right . Would those folks who drive around with the yellow ribbon magnets on their cars be the first in line to get rationing books?
How about if college students and others were asked to turn in their iPods so the metal could be used for making tanks and planes, like in WWII? How many folks would go out and plant Victory Gardens? Imagine the last 5 years with the following items either rationed or not produced.
Meats, butters, cooking oils, cheese, canned good, dry items, sugars, coffee, gasoline, motor oils.
Production suspended
Radios, cars, trucks, boats, tires, microwaves, tv's, stoves, fridges.
Is this country willing to make this type of effort for the war? Am I ready to make this effort ? People did these things 60 years ago because they knew what the end result would be. They were fighting just as much as the men who were living in the fox holes in Europe and Asia. Something has got to change.

Montgomery pays respect
Officer Keith Houts was laid to rest today in Birmingham. He was shot last week in the line of duty here in Montgomery. He was the first MGM officer to be killed in the line of duty in almost 10 years. I watched the heartbreaking funeral on television. I thank God daily for the wonderful men and women who serve to protect us each day. They are doing something I would never be able to do . When you think about this senseless killing it kinda makes a television show like LOST seem very very very small. God Bless his family.

On a very light note
I saw these two guys online the other day and they were trading pickup lines in a bar.....the women walked away but the lines were funny.
Here are a few..
I'm so sweet Slugworth stole ME!!
I'm so hip your Grandad broke ME!!
and my favorite
I'm like Altoids...Small,white and Curiously Strong!!

This might be my last post till after I get home ......Travelling prayers appreciated.