Saturday, January 30, 2010

I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.


First of all a slight move away tonight from my regular blog post titles to pay tribute to my favorite president of all time. FDR's bday would have been today ...The title is one of his quotes

My friends...I am very tired on this saturday evening. This blog will be SHORT...
Had a long two days at work but I did manage to sneak away today and go weigh in for the week ...
I lost .5 lb this week ...a low number but a loss is a loss is a loss. I get losing .5lbs but its still a weird number for me to wrap my head around ...I will take it but its just out there for me ...

So To date

Starting Weight - 381 lbs

Todays loss- .5 lb

Total Lost - 58 lbs

Todays Weight 323 lbs

Thats all I got today except ...Goodnight my friends.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

God Save The Queen


Blogging is dead. No doubt about that ....Its as dead as a doornail. Going the way of the Dodo bird...Extinct. Many folks in my friends circle have predicted this for a while now and yup...Its official now.....but I am thinking it's just dead amoung my close friend group because I read tons of other blogs that are updated on a regular basis.
I am sad because I really enjoy blogging during the week. So my struggle is this I admit defeat and join the bandwagon and shut down my blog. Put up a "Closed" sign on the door and ride off into the Twitter sunset? Here's my a short while something will come along that will of course replace Twitter. Its going to happen, right ?
I am sticking around for a couple more months to see what happens .....

Oh, it is probably the amount of sodium you had!"

I am as guilty as the next person for sometimes finding a reason behind my gain or my lack of motivation to excercise.
Folks blame salt... Not the decisions, but salt...
To lose weight you have to be honest.
To lose weight you have to not make excuses.
To lose weight dedication is important, but even more important is making sacrifices.

There are gyms all over montgomery .
There are nine million free weight loss websites to help motivate people.
95% of food has nutritional information on it.
You Tube has tons of workout videos.
Libraries have diet and fitness books.
We can cry and whine and tell ourselves life is not fair.
Guess what, you are right.
We can say the economy sucks. Guess what, it does.
But before we blame salt or lack of water for our weight gain We first have to blame ourselves.

See, losing weight is not hard.
It is not hard once we realize that we can do it. Once we realize that it is okay to make a bad decision, but lets not fool ourselves into thinking that decision was a good one.

Be honest, look at your decisions from the past week.
And go from there.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Life Would Suck Without You


With this post I now have more blog posts than what I weigh.

I am happy with the progress I have made. Yay.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rank Strangers To Me


Sometimes I sit down to write this blog and think..."Who really wants to hear me go on about my weight loss?" but then I remember that this is part of my accountability so here I sit .After a week of worrying about all the crap I put in my body at Lake Junaluska last weekend I actually went on Friday and weighed in and managed to lose 2.5lbs!
So to date....

Starting Weight - 381 lbs

Todays loss- 2.5 lb

Total Lost - 57.5 lbs

Todays Weight 323.5 lbs

Also I am pleased that to date I have lost 4 pants sizes. I got new pants at Christmas and am taking them this week to have them taken down one size. I am looking forward to the day in the very near future when I can go get pants at a place like Sams. Sams, you say ? Yes Sams...they have name brand stuff and its incredibly cheap...But their sizes only go up to a certain point BUT I am almost there....
Some older dress shirts are starting to hang weird and not look right when I am wearing them...
These are all VERY GOOD THINGS ...

Having said that I found this on a site and thought it was funny so I thought I would share tonight ...Enjoy.

Childhood obesity represents one of our greatest health challenges, so with that in mind, I’m suggesting a few edits in some of the most popular children’s literature to address the subject head-on…

The Adventures of Skinny-the-Pooh
Not-So-Little Women
The Very, Really, Really, Enormously Hungry Caterpillar
The Runaway Belly
Guess How Much I Love Ham
The Cat in the Fat
Where the Wide Things Are
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Diet
Oh, The Pizzas You'll Eat
The Velvetta Rabbit
The Little Engine That Could… But Never Did
Anna Rexia
Mike Mulligan And His Steamed Veggies
Pippi Wrongsnacking
Furious Gorge
Amelia Bread-elia
Binge to Terabithia
Chocolate’s Web
The Liar, the Scale, and the Wardrobe
The Boxcarb Children
Sarah, Plain,Tall & Fat
James and the Giant Pouch
Roll of Belly, Hear My Cry
Stuart Not-Too-Little

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Foggy Day


Its been a busy busy week for me so far....I was out of town last weekend with my youth group on a ski trip to western North Carolina. We had a blast but heres the deal...I am exhausted!! We got back Monday and usually by the following day aftr a big trip I am back to normal(whatever normal is) but not this time....I have been dragging my tail all week.
Not sure why I am not bouncing back but each day is the same ...TIRED !
Add to that we are planning our 60th Anniversay and Homecoming at Dalraida UMC and I am knee deep in helping to plan all that...should be a great day but by the time it gets here I might be sick of homecoming stuff....BUT I am pleased to be doing anything I can to help out ...I really do love my job !

I have been in the process of a massive detox of my body after eating the food served to us at Lake Junaluska last weekend ...Oh wow that is some terrible processed food if I ever say any ...
Just nothing good about it ....I did manage to eat salads but the rest of the meals we had were pretty terrible. Been lots and lots of water this week but I have a bad feeling about weigh in this coming weekend ....not sure why but its just a feeling. Your body knows.

Someone sent me this the other day ....You have to write down 17(random I know) things that make you happy in a secret sorta way ...Here goes ...

  1. Archie Comics from the 70s and 80s
  2. Old telephones. Heavy loud ones.
  3. Walking when its bitter cold outside.
  4. The Beverly Hillbillies.....My all time favorite line on that show was when the Clampetts went to England and Jethro wanted to be a knight..."What's your name?"..."Jethro"....What's your surname?"...."Sir Jethro" HAHA
  5. Pack Place.
  6. Making up lyrics to well known songs.
  7. The smells of Thanksgiving day.
  8. A well delivered joke.
  9. Giving a good gift.
  10. Making folks laugh.
  11. Looking at old pictures.
  12. Picking up my nephews from school.
  13. The british accent on my Garmin GPS.
  14. Old christmas decorations.
  15. McRae Meadows at Grandfather Mountain.
  16. New shoes or boots.
  17. Being at the beach during cooler weather.

If you got anything you would like to share ...Please do ...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Anything You Can Do


Weighed in today since I will be out of town till Monday afternoon. I managed to lose another pound this past as it stands today

Starting Weight - 381 lbs

Todays loss- 1 lb

Total Lost - 55 lbs

Todays Weight 327 lbs

Yeah ...I am pleased with that ....

One of the things I keep getting asked over and over and over again is how hard is it to do without things that you like ??

Well, its difficult cutting things that are fatty,greasy,cheesy and gooey from your diet. It really is difficult for those of us who love our food like that...

I mean who wants to go without ?? Specially in America....We are taught from an early age that the we have the world on a string and if you want to hit up Taco Bell or Krystals late and night and fill your bodies with heart aching and stopping crud then go for it ...I will eat this today and worry about it tomorrow ...Right ?

Its difficult to modify and cut but not impossible!

Sweets, salty snacks, sugar filled sodas....Sometimes you find that its easier and better to go without than to try and fit them into your new lifestyle. Especially early on in your weight loss journey.

Some folks say that they cant deprive themselves of the things they love....I would say that we are depriving ourselves a healthy future that we deserve. But we often slink back into that mode of "its just too hard ...poor me"
We would all be suprised to see how easily our lives would change and adapt if we did without....

It would require some planning as with anything but if planned right anything is within reach...

We find that planning is crucial in living a new healthy life...We are just so used to crap filled things going into our bodies. The food industry is doing a much better job of providing us with things that are good for us but its still not as easy as we would like it to be ...

but you know what ? You can buy fruit and veggies at any grocery store !!!

We area hard wired a certain way but once we start replacing and push the mad mad craving out of our minds we begin to live a better life...We will worry a bit to begin with but soon our minds will join us on our mission.

So is it hard to do ??
Yeah, its not the easiest thing in the world but its hard being overweight and unhealthy for the rest of my life...I am TIRED of that

Is it uphill? 'scuse my language here but HELL YEAH !!

Is it within my grasp and yours too ?? Well, HELL YEAH !!

And guess what ??

Its totally worth it !!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hello My Baby


This has been a stress filled last few days ....I will not even begin to go into all the details but needless to say that capping off today with car troubles ending having an alternator replaced on my car was just blech.
Having said that I have been rather emotional the last few days for some reason. I know some of yall are thinking EMOTIONAL!?!?! Yeah....I get emotional from time to time and the last few days have been tough for me....
As a result I have wanted to eat. This has never been like me ...I dont really eat when I am going through something but the last couple days have had me craving things like big juicy cheeseburgers....french fries covered in ketchup and YES mayo!!
I am working past it and have had alot of help from MRS L....but its still been tough. I am in some ways glad to have this chance to work through this time cause it tests me in some ways....I can understand better what works and does not work for me. At the end of the day I am going to take this as a great learning experience.

and now a little off topic
Haiti .....
I cannot even begin to imagine living in THE poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere and then having your entire life literally crumble out from under you in a matter of 30 seconds. I am really sickened by what we are seeing on the TVs tonight in regards to possible death tolls and property destruction.
My prayers are with those folks affected by this earthquake

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Don't Worry Bout Me


Today was weigh in and am pleased to announce that I managed to lose 3.5lbs this past week. After a gain over the two week prior to that I am happy to perhaps be on track with losing weight again. Up or down though I am here for the long haul. Here are the numbers as of today ...

Starting Weight - 381 lbs
Todays loss- 3.5lb
Total Lost - 54 lbs
Todays Weight 328 lbs

Drinking. Most if not all of us have had a drink of some kind in our lives. Some of us love to go to a social event and have a drink in our hand. The feel of the glass and the feel of the warm as it flows down your throat.
I am no stranger to having a drink from time to time. I am no lush by any standards. But for almost the last 6 months I have almost completly stopped drinking. I can almost count on one hand how many times I have had a drink since August. Over the holidays I was at a party and I swear to you I maybe had two swallows of a beer. Thats it.
I would rather just go without at this point in my life....I am not saying that I will never again have a drink but when you sit and look at the points associated with drinking on the WW diet system its just not worth it to me anymore.
This will perhaps cause a little awkwardness in social settings from time to time. Being the guy who does not drink sometimes gets you a weird look.....I am ok with that too.

So I sit here a few short months away from my 36th Birthday....Living a cleaner life in regards to my eating and consumption of foods.
Its a good place to be ...

Friday, January 08, 2010

How Are Ya' Fixed For Love


I am a decently smart guy ....It might take me a while to figure out the instructions to a shelf I bought at IKEA but eventually I get it together(it also helps to not follow the swedish instructions)

I have been on a weight loss "journey" for almost 5.5 months.
Its been great.
Has it been easy ? Nope.
Has it been fun? Sometimes.
Will I continue? Heck Yeah.
Will I offer encouragment to others? Yes, If I feel like its the right thing to do in the right situation.
Do I have all the answers ? Well of course!!! Ha not really ...but I do have a wee lil bit on insight that I did not have 6 months ago...

Having said all that I have found that in my life its a good thing to surround yourself with folks that are....
  1. Supporters. In ANY circumstance.
  2. Smarter than me.

I get a few blogs and tweets from other folks also on a weight loss journey of some kind....Some have lost HUNDREDS of pounds and others have lost a couple of pounds. Some of their advice is below ....

............"As I journeyed to lose 158 pounds, I learned that it’s important to learn to say ‘no’. Saying ‘yes’ to cakes and pies is easy, but learning to say ‘no’ to foods you don’t want or need is very freeing and empowering.” –Diane

.............“If you keep going on & off a ‘diet’ (which by the way is NOT a lifestyle change for life), you’ll never learn to ‘listen’ or understand your body and how it reacts to certain food choices AND exercise. I have been able to keep this up so long and keep it off because I LISTEN TO MY BODY AND MAKE CHANGES BASED ON WHAT MY BODY AND LIFE ARE TELLING ME. Each choice I’ve made is one I know I can live with lifelong or until my bod tells me otherwise.” – Jody

..............“Pick your ‘perfect’.” – Tony

...............“If I could pass along one ‘here’s the answer to all the fitness/healthy living stuff that ails ya’ tip, it would be simply one word: CONSISTENCY. The key for both losing and maintaining is moving. Consistently. Every day. Day in day out. Year in year out. People consistently ask me how many hours I workout a day and seem not to want to believe how little exercise I do (30 minutes pretty much every day, ranging from traditional exercise to vigorous dance parties with my daughter). I am simply consistent and that, in my opinion, is the key. I move every day. In some fashion. No matter how busy I am. No matter what else is happening in my life. No matter what silly form my movement may need to take to squeeze it in. Day in day out. Year in year out. Consistently.”– Carla

................“Do it out of love, not punishment.”

................“I discovered the sure path to permanent weight loss is to find out why you eat and solve that. Otherwise, that wicked "why" comes back to haunt you like bad Halloween candy hiding in your sock drawer. Once solved, that "why" will leave your life and take the bad candy with it.” –Pat

................“The two most important elements for success? Self-honesty and consistency. You have to be very real with yourself and your habits. You have to accept responsibilty for every choice you make. Understanding the power of a choice is so critical---when you realize this, get super honest with yourself---and protect your journey by giving it a super high importance level---and realize consitency is key. Well, how can you fail? You can't. Success is yours for the taking!” – Sean Anderson

...............“Typical NY resolution: massive changes and maybe a cleanse diet. Embrace logic instead: make small changes that you can live with forever” –David Kirchhoff, President & CEO, Weight Watchers Intl

I weigh in tomorrow after a slight gain the last two weigh ins.....Hoping for a loss tomorrow but prepared for anything

See yall then !!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Stuck In The Middle Again


I went to the doctor today to get refills on much needed medicines. It was not a fun time.
You see heres the deal ...I dont like a doctors office. Not that many folks out there line up once a day just to get into them but I dont handle the situation very good at all.
If I have a planned appointment then i usually get nervous the night before....I get nervous on the drive over ...I am anxious in the waiting room area. Sitting between folks hacking up their lungs is not my idea of fun .... I can't sit still once I am back in the room before said examination. I drawers...look in cabinets....look out the window...look in drawers again....think about stealing some tounge depressors.....wonder if I could get the contents of a whole jar of gauze pads in my pocket....wish I could use the ear thing to look down into my own ears...I am a wreck.
Today was really no different. I finally got back to the room a good 30 minutes after my prescribed appointment time....get in and nothing. No vitals are taken. The doc comes in and asks me if anyone took my BP, temp, etc...and I say no they did she looked a little cheesed off. She leave the room and comes back with the stuff and does it all....
Clearly at this point the morning she is not having a great day....
My blood pressure was high ....144/92. She starts telling me I need to lose weight to get that down some more and in fact one of the best ways to lower high BP is to go on a diet.
Let me add this here ....I have been without my BP medicine for at least a week so I am pretty sure not taking PLUS the added stress of just being there to get refills made my pressure be higher than normal
I proceed to tell her that I am actually on a diet and ahve been since August and have lost over 50lbs....Almost like turning a light on her whole attitude changed. She says THAT'S FANTASTIC...!!!! Then she proceeds to tell me that she has recently also lost about 60lbs. We start talking about stuff and by the time I left we were both smiling and swapping stories.
Maybe she should have taken my pressure again to see if it had some down any ....
A doctors appointment that made me smile ....go figure !

Monday, January 04, 2010

At This Moment


Here are some things I really need to improve on in the year 2010

  • My sleep. I dont sleep very good. I will go nights without actually sleeping through the night. I wake up often but I dont ever really get to sleep. I have talked to friends and family and the consensus is that I need to have a sleep test done. I will do that soon.
  • My finances. I need to get out of any and all debt that I am in.
  • Eat more fruit. I eat a good bit now but not nearly the amounts that I should. I go to the store and buy large amounts of fruit and veggies and then they go in the bin of doom and then next thing I know I am throwing out A LOT of stuff.
  • Eat organic. Its going to be a costly affair to begin with but I have yet to read or see anything that says organic is not better for you. One recent research showed that regular foods processed in normal processing conditions might actually cause you to GAIN weight.Thats not something I am looking to do in 2010...Gain weight. I will start small with my organic ways and gradually add things in as I can.
  • Create weekly menus. I know there is a website out there where you can go and plan a menu around your weight watchers and then print off the recipes,buying lists and point values for everything. This sounds like something I would like.
  • Encourage more.
  • Lower blood Pressure. I am feeling that this is the year I can stop taking my meds for this ...we shall see.

I am glad that I am on the right track with things and am excited about where I am headed.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Auld Lang Syne


Its January 2, 2010 and here I sit weighing considerably less than I did 5 months ago ....I went today to weigh in and gained 2lbs. I am ok. I did not pass out. I managed to keep it together. There was no crying or gnashing of teeth. The walls did not come tumbling down. There are going to be days like this ...I know that. I am ok with it too ...

So as of today ....

Starting Weight - 381 lbs

Todays gain- 2lb

Total Lost - 50.5 lbs

Todays Weight 331.5 lbs

You see I said from the beginning that I was taking a whole new approach to things ...I am not going to dwell on why or why not. I am not going to second guess all week what I might have done LAST week. Tomorrow is a new day and it begins anew ....

I count my points and drink my water. I excercise. I even started back trying to take vitamins.

And you know what ....2010 is gonna be the best ever. "The best is yet to come" as Francis Albert would say ....

I have had many many folks ask me about my plans as far as weight loss goes ....How much do I want to lose? The number I am shooting for is 230lbs. Weird story but thats the number....

Its a LONG TERM GOAL and today in our WW meeting we talked about short term goals....Little things that keep us going. I can see 230 in my mind but I can see ramping up my exercise as a short term goal. I can see myself buying some new clothes as a short term goal.

I could list a lot of things here ....

But I know this ...there are some grey areas in weight loss...There is nothing that is "black and white"

There could be one person who weighs 200 pounds who would say "How did I get to this enormous weight" and then there will be someone like me, who throws their hands in the air and says "I am done being out of shape and overweight"

There are some who believe frozen dinners are the way to go and others who think they are a waste of money.

Some people lose weight by working out at home, some by going to the gym, and some do not even work out at all.

Some need the support of blogs and bloggers, and others could care less.

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has lost weight differently.There is no such thing as a "perfect diet" or a "right or wrong plan".

I have learned this during the last 5 months after speaking to folks and reading TONS.

I have changed aspects of my life and I will say one thing about weight loss....Do not ever say you do not care.

I am inspired by my friend ELucas who lost and has maintained....and yes I am inspired by those folks on The Biggest Loser. I want to be that inspiration one day ....I care.

A poor decision will not ruin you ...Not caring will. I care

So what will 2010 bring for me besides my continued road to better health. ....

Maybe I should be less annoying

Maybe I should post more about trees and the environment

Maybe I should fly to visit friends more.

Maybe I should take off a couple of weeks

Maybe I should make a lot of money

Maybe I should just keep on moving forward.

I have said it on Facebook and Twitter and to any person that will listen to me ....2010 is going to be an amazing year and I am glad to have you all along as fellow travellers.