Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All I Ask Of You


Last night I actually went to sleep sitting in the chair and decided to take it to the bed and I did not post here goes

I hate motivational quotes.
I hate the fact that people try to say something so fantastic.
I hate the fact that people look for them so they can make it trough the day.
Dieters always look for motivational quotes.
They feel the need to be inspired by others.
People need to inspire themselves they want that "magic trigger".
When they are having a bad day, they can look at a poster or Twitter and see some quote:"Reach for the stars! You might get one, and they are low calorie!"

Ugh ....

They see the quote and then think "Thank God I just read that! You are right, life is not about food.Why didn't I think of that!"

A quote does nothing for me. People inspire me. People motivate me.
Anyone can make a quote.Were those people great mothers/fathers?
Did those people follow through with their goals.
Were these people as inspirational as their quotes?

I get inspired every day by looking in the mirror.
Actions speak louder than words.

The only quote I like is " yeah, I want to get this shirt in a large"

Monday, September 28, 2009

Let's Get Away From It All


How's it working for me in terms of being accountable to myself on all things concerning weight loss?
I read the other night this example...
To me, true accountability is seeing spilled milk on the floor, not caring who spilled it, getting on your knees, cleaning it up, and then talking to everyone about the best way not to spill milk.
Being accountable in my weight loss has become a big thing. It's actually become pretty dang huge for me ...I think thats one of the main reasons I have changed my blogging habits. It's why I am not ashamed to let folks know what my starting weight was or the fact that I would always buy a 3x shirt when I went to the store. I needed accountability in my life and have found it.....
Weight Watchers places alot of focus on it...
I go each and every week to weigh in...Step on those scales and get my results.
I still am getting 44 points each day and that will soon change but in the 7 weeks I have been able to look at those points and think " How can I best make the most of those points?"
" How can I choose something healthier for me ?" "Whats going to fill me up the best and not leave me craving something later on in the day ?"
I am slowly starting to get away from an "old" me ....
This has become a new part of my life and it's not leaving anytime soon ....Yay!

On a side note I also read on someones blog where they posted a few silly questions I am doing the same here

If you are dressing up for Halloween, what will you be going as ? Fred Flintsone for

Twitter or Facebook ? Six of one half dozen of another for me

Blackberry or iPhone? iPhone for

Which fashion style would you like to see come back in style? Men wearing hats for me

Dill pickles or Sweet pickles ? I like both

G'night folks ...Peace

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm Drinking Again


Contrary to the title of the post tonight ...No, I am not drinking right now. In fact I have not been drinking much at all over the past few weeks.
I am like many of you out there and enjoy a beer from time to time while watching a football game. Or perhaps a gin martini from time to time when out with friends but here lately I have not wanted or desired really to have anything.
Since starting my diet back on August 9...I have had a grand total of 4 drinks and one of those I did not even finish.
I have read enough already to know that alcohol makes you retain fluids.....its high in calories. I guess some are better at the calorie game than others but for the most part they are high.
Its just not something I need in my life right now while I make these necessary changes.
Will I never drink again ...No. I will enjoy something from time to time but for now ...this is where I am at and i am fine with it ...

So just for poops and giggles tonight ...what is your favorite "adult beverage"?? Lets hear about it ...


Saturday, September 26, 2009

You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch


If its Saturday then its meeting time and weigh in at Weight Watchers. During the past week I lost another 3lbs ....How bout that ??? Very excited here and I also got a 5% star that means I have now lost 5% of the weight I need to meet the goal set by Weight Watchers. Thats a great thing but as I told someone at the meeting...I am not about stars and bookmarks and such ...I am just doing my thing and going on. Accolades are great but better health is my main goal.
So here we are today....

Starting weight-381lbs
Total loss to date-24lbs
Todays Weight-357lbs

Today at the meeting it came up about staying positive during all the changes in your life. It was all over the board but it got me to thinking about folks who just cannot be positive about things...
I know and realize that there will be days when you totally fail at staying on your points....There will be days when you go to Five Guys and get that big huge burger and eat it and think AHHHHH............thats just what I needed and then you are like DAMMIT what the hello was I thinking doing that ...
Damage is done though you move on. You cannot let that keep you down ....You have to move on past it. Some folks say " well, I messed up so I will just get back on track next week" and next thing you know its a month later and you are hitting Five Guys once or twice a week.
Being positive is the key to things I think ...
Also...folks who seem to want to sabotage you....I dont think they mean bad its just what happens. And some folks seem to get mad when you refuse food or seconds for that matter.
I have heard from one person lately that said " well its great you have lost weight but you can always gain it back" Huh? What? You mean I can gain it back ...get outta here..........
I know that and thanks for talking about the pink elephant in the room...
This for me is about a total lifestyle change. Moving in a new direction with my life...This is a stepping stone for bigger and better things. But it starts here ....
Give me the to me about the challenges...affirm to me that it will not be easy...but for gosh sakes lets try to be a little positive

Friday, September 25, 2009

I Guess I'll Have to Dream the Rest


Its 12:12am and I am tired ...and want to go to sleep but a post will be coming tomorrow about weight loss and excercise and all the fun stuff you guys have come to love and expect...So

Thursday, September 24, 2009

If I Were The King Of The Forest


Courage ......

To lose weight you have to have courage. You have to be able to say no to that doughnut at the office and cookies at midnight if it not part of your plan.

You have to have the courage to TIVO a show and work out instead of saying"I had a long day so I am not working out".

I am around food a good bit at work...dinners, ladies bringing cakes and cookies during the year.

I am around food when I am with friends... At any point I can have a wonderful meal, or snack, or taste.Yet I do not. Not anymore.

That is how I lost 21 pounds in the past few weeks. Not alot by some standards and I know that it will not get easier. That my weight will be a life long battle.

I have to have the courage to say no to foods I "can not resist".

I do not make excuses for missing a workout.

I do not mind failing as long as I am trying.....This is for life now.

This is how once I have reached a goal of some kind ....I will keep my weight off.

I know what I am up against. I am okay with that.If that is the only thing people take from my blog, I will be incredibly happy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Painted Picture


I had someone ask me the other day why now? What makes this time trying to lose weight different? And why did I decide to do it now ....
It was a picture ....
It was made at the first of August while down at the beach with the youth group. Nick made the picture while i was out cooking hamburgers in the pouring rain ...
It was made from behind and it looked pretty dang bad.

When I finally saw it a couple of days later I was like "What the hell am I doing"
I have high blood pressure, I have been to see heart doctors, my back hurts at times.
It just made me think ...and I did for the next week I thought a good bit about where I was in regards to my health. And I did not like what I was seeing coming back at me ...I thought about my family and friends.
My family and friends have been concerned about my weight for years. Why was August 2009 different? It just was and tha'ts the best answer I can give you
I was so paranoid about people judging me. Maybe they did, maybe not.I also thought about the way the world looked at me.

I am happy where I am going right now and folks also keep asking me have I thought about any goals for myself and I now answer yes...
When I get down to 230 I will consider that a big big big thing for me ....Its personal in nature and one day I will share it but 230 is the magic number for me ...

and Thanks Nick for taking that picture ......

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn in New York


Yes it's the beginning of fall.... my favorite time of year right behind winter.

I am sure that the southeast is due for some more hot and humid Indian summer days but for right now I can definitely smell Autumn in the air.

This weather gets me thinking about sweaters, Halloween, wood fires, hiking and camping and of course.... comfort foods. Baked goods, hot apple cider, food and fall festivals celebrating the harvest, entire holiday based around eating till your sides pop!

Then I get to thinking , how will I not only get back on track but stay on track during the holidays. But then I remind myself that there is always some holiday or celebration or reason all year round to lose focus and strap on the ole feed bag.

I know that some people really love summer, the clothes, the beaches.... but I have always favored colder climates. Maybe it's because I feel so unattractive in the summer when I am sweating all over everything...... and lets not forget NEVER taking your shirt off at the beach of the pool...Yeah that will never happen. Can you feel the sarcasm? ;)

So to sum up I am super excited and a little on edge about the upcoming months. And the challenges it will bring....

I have been using a little of my down time that I have to try and organize my home life better.

I have been walking more but not enough for me to consider it a full work out. ...BUT ...I do get inspired to be more active in the fall and winter so I have that to look forward to.

The posts here will continue as I adjust to a few new things. But I'm still here, still reading YOUR blogs too and still figuring out what is best for me.

Peace and Good Night

Monday, September 21, 2009

Autumn Leaves


Who am I blogging for ?
Is the question that lingers and I ask myself a lot. A question that comes up a lot when talking to different folks about it . The life that still continues to happen, despite still being fat. Its true, I am still fat. And yet, I feel different than I did almost two months ago. I'm completely changed by blogging and by refusing to stop living my life because I haven't reached any type of goal weight. I am ok with taking it nice and slow Acceptance? Settling? I don't know.

Here is another fact. I have been doing some form of trying to lose weight in cycles and I know that if I had said two years ago "if I just focused on my health, eating better, moving more, rather than the number on the scale, rather than the next event coming up" I would not still weigh 360lbs.
I kept waiting for the time in my life when I wont be too busy to take care of my health. A time when the dust has settled and planning for the next something has stopped. Guess what?
That time will never come. I've come to realize that this is the action chapter of my life, and a good thing too, right? I have something planned almost every weekend until December. I've got a list of projects I'm working on, ideas I'm formulating, things I'm learning. It is all very fun and exciting and isn't going to stop any time soon so that I can "focus on losing weight."
I have gotten back to the basics in my life....I am focusing on things that matter. Eating better, listening better, cutting back on drinking as much, mending problems.....and yeah finally putting some focus on losing weight
I just want to take weight loss off of my future to-do lists and make it a current action that is happening everyday. Like brushing my teeth or taking a shower

Peace ...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dancing Through Life


Weight Watchers is BIG.... HUGE on keeping track of every food item that you place into your body. They call it tracking and it can be a real big pain in the buttocks. But for me its totally worth it.

This is a very easy way to monitor yourself to see if you are staying within your points. From the start it helps you begin to become more aware of what you are eating. You can go back weeks ago and see what you were eating ...If it was keeping you full and satisfied..etc. It also allows a place for you to factor in excercise.
You begin to notice right off the bat what works and what does not work for you .
You notice when you are hungry and what has helped in the past to help get you past it...You see how being accountable to yourself and honest with yourself can lead you to success.

Have I written everything down ? No....but I am going to say that 95% of what I eat gets written down.
I write down what I drink....when I excercise.

I want to take a quick moment to say hello to someone who is possibly reading this for the first time ...
A lady at church that I adore and respect has recently started reading and has been incredibly positive with me and my efforts to lose weight.
We had a great talk last Wednesday and I just wanted to say THANKS Rochelle...I appreciate your prayers and support.

Thats it lights are coming up ...bows have been taken....the team has left the field...we have arrived at the end of another blog post!!
Peace and see yall tomorrow

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Here I'll Stay


Today was my usual thing and I went to weight in .....After 5 weeks of new habits and excercise
I am pleased to annouce that I lost 3lbs this past week with a total of 21 in 5 weeks....
As it stands

Starting weight-381lbs
Total lost to date-21lbs
Todays weight-360lbs

I am just tickled actually ...sounds stupid for me to say..... but I am so incredibly pleased with myself ....AND I can already tell a difference in clothes...Just great !

I am still struggling with my weekend schedule and not getting enough fruit, veggies and water but I would like to say that I am getting better at it ...

On another note ...I got my notice in the mail today that I am needing to see my heart doc next week for another echogram....No big deal just keeping up with what my heart is doing and seeing if anything has changed since last time...
Prayers would be appreciated.

I am headed out to finish watching the game at N & L.....


Thursday, September 17, 2009



Something Weight Watchers themed but not entirely about me losing weight ...
First of all Broadway Under The Stars was a bust ....threat of rain kept us from going out but it was an excellant night of spending time with old friends and new friends. Laura and Wheeler are some great folks and I look forward to getting to know them better as our friendship grows.
Having said that ...I made homemade chicken salad sangwiches for the night.
Rotisserie chicken ...chopped in a food processor. Eggs, Mayo, Celery, Onion Salt, Mayo, Pepper, Mayo, Sweet Pickles and did I mention Mayo ...
Dear lord it takes alot of mayo.....
It was good stuff though and I had more than my fair share while making it and preparing said sangwiches...

Weight Watchers has this great charity that they are associated with that helps raise awareness for fighting hunger at a global and local level.
As members lose weight Weight Watchers has committed itself to donating up to $1 million dollars to organizations that work towards ending world hunger.
They also partner with local community food banks to sponsor food drives.
I know everyone out there is not on WW but this is a wonderful chance for us to donate some time, money or food to our local shelters. The Central Alabama Food Bank in Montgomery serves over 15 counties in central Alabama.

Lose For Good=Good For All is their motto ....

Think about it....See what we have in our pantrys that we could offer to folks who are in need. A small amount goes a very long way towards helping folks who might have nothing.

Peace and Good Night

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Out of My Dreams


A slight detour tonight ....I had an incredibly bad dream last night. Dead things after me running and climbing over and through things. If you know me well enough then you have perhaps heard me tell about having dreams of a similar nature before. House full of dead people that grab at me in the bed.
Being trapped in a room with dead people with me fighting and clawing to get out.
The end of the dream found me sitting on the opposite side of the bed shaking and sweating a little.
I hate crap like this but would be hard pressed to find anyone who actually enjoys stuff like this.....

Tonight at church I ate a HUGE salad and part of the canned lasagna that was served....I actually pulled most of the noodles away and just ate the sauce and cheese. Not the best but I guess it could have been alot worse.
Had an early day at Chappys and will have another one tomorrow morning so I am trying to post early tonight ....
A quick heads up ....there will most likely not be a post on Friday night since I will be headed out of town ....but tune in Saturday night !!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

They Dont Know


Our bodies are daily stripped of things that it needs....Our bodies have been trained to store fats. These things continue to make us unhappy and run down
We eat too much junk that give us little or no nutrition. One of the best ways to turn this trend around is simply to eat more foods that are full of nutrients. As I have been reading up on this I have found that spinach, asparagus,collard greens and broccoli are great sources to get the nutrients that you need.
Another harmful problem is sugar. Processed refined sugar. One can of Coca Cola has 10 teaspoons of sugar!! Breads, some salad dressings and even some lunch meats have hidden sugars in them....
The main effort should be to reduce any added sugars in your diet and that way you sorta reprogram yourself and your body not to crave them as much.
These are just two things that we could and should do on a daily basis to increase our energy levels. To lower blood pressure. To feel better overall.

I am guessing that many folks just dont know that there are tons of hidden calories in many of our daily foods. I sure did not know about many of them but with some education we can move towards a more healty lifestyle.

One last thing I recently read ...
Classic Apple Pie
The top and bottom crusts can have around 250 calories with more than 20grams of carbs.
The Apple filling account for only about 65 calories in a slice. If you are baking at home leave the skins on the slices to keep the high fiber content.
A regular sized serving of apple pie will normally have about 13 grams of sugar. Sugar is what makes the pie so great LOL .

The article goes on to give a great alternative
Baked Apples
Halve and core two apples. Lay them cut side up in a foil lined pan. Spoon two teaspoons of plain yogurt. 2tsp brown sugar and 1Tbl walnuts on the tops. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Fill half the pan with hot water and bake at 375degrees for 20-30 minutes.
119 calories each half.

Monday, September 14, 2009

As Time Goes By


Today was really the first day since I started the diet that I found myself off schedule after making a pretty good breakfast.
I had a two egg white omelet with some low fat cheese in it ....two pieces of turkey sausage and one piece of toasted raisin bread.
Downhill from there ...
I did not eat anything else really till about 3 that afternoon after I was back from the funeral. By that time I was STARVING.
I did have an apple on my way to Tuskegee and I drank a ton of water on the way and that then presented another problem.
I had to use the bathroom almost as soon as I was seated in the church. An old church where the floors creak if you sneeze. No way I could even consider getting up to leave and go take a pee. Sorry if this is more than you are used to on my blog ...
But as the time crept by I was actually getting worried. What if the bathrooms did not work for some have to understand this church is not used on a regular basis anymore so the chance that something was not working was possible.
I was very uncomfortable ...but my dear readers you will be happy to know that I made it...WHEW.
Anyway ...back to my regular thing tomorrow out of town stuff. Just in the office drinking my water, eating my dried cranberries and apricots, an apple here or there and maybe doing some work between all of that...


Sunday, September 13, 2009

There are Worse Things That I Could Do .


Today I ate my first fast food sangwich for the first time in over a month .....I had to head up to Montevallo for a funeral and I was travelling with a few folks and the decision was made to stop at McDowells....It was also decided to get it to go and eat on the way. So that made it hard for me to get a salad so I opted for the chargrilled chicken sangwich which came with lettuce tomato and mayo ...It was 10pts. Had I told them no mayo it would have been 6pts. Not that bad I dont think....
I am just in from walking in the rain AGAIN and wanted to post some of these things I received in an email...some of cheesy but a couple of them were decent...

  • Live with the three E,s --Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy.
  • Read more books than you did in the previous year.
  • Dream more while you are awake.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Forget issues of the past.
  • Invest your energy in the moment.
  • Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a begger. (not sure about this but its fun anyway ...
  • Smile and make people laugh more.
  • Dont take yourself too serious. No one else does
  • Agree to disagree from time to time.
  • Dont compare you life to others. We have no idea what their journy is all about.
  • No one is in charge of your happiness but you .
  • Forgive everyone for everything.
  • Stay in touch with friends. No matter how far away they are
  • You have all you need. Dont envy
  • Call your family and friends often.
  • Each day five something good to others.
  • Keep your limits
  • The best is yet to come.

One thing I have noticed in the past month is that I have read alot more ...Maybe its me keeping my mind off of snacking and what not but I have finished four books in the last four weeks. I usually average about two a month or so....So thats a good thing and another positive side effect of being on this diet .

Good night all ...

Saturday, September 12, 2009



Yesterday was meeting time for me and I am happy to let everyone know that I lost 2.5 lbs this week for a total of 18 pounds in 4 weeks.

I promise to provide more information tomorrow but I gotta be up in less than 6 hours for a full day ...

War Eagle

Friday, September 11, 2009

With a Little Help From My Friends

So .....

Its late and again for some reason I am really tired. Been like this a couple nights this week....Just feel exhausted for some reason. Let me add here that I did almost nothing of a productive value on Friday. Nothing.

I just dont have any energy ....wiped out is the best way to describe it. Sitting at the Mielkes tonight talking with friends I swear to you I was almost nodding off....very unusual.

So my question is this ...with all the changes in my diet and such could there be a direct link? Am I not getting something now that I was getting before.
Before anyone says or asks am I taking a vitamin...The answer is I was and have stopped.
I never took one before really and started when I started WW. But its something about them that makes me almost throw up when I take it in the morning. I can take it with food ...before food....after food....every time I get the same result...and after I do take it it just makes me feel like I have this nasty bile taste in the back of my throat . So I have stopped that ....

What else should I be taking or could I be taking that could increase my energy levels?
I already am taking a large dose of Omega-3 Fish Oil every day for my heart ...
Any suggestions yall might have would be appreciated....

Hope yall have a pleasant weekend.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blame it on the Bossa Nova

So ....

I meant to mention something last night but in my rush to talk about other things I just forgot ...

Temptations ...and I dont mean the guys who sing.

I was at church last night going through the line the get my food and I first was offered two pieces of fish ....then three hushpuppies....then I get to the guy with the cole slaw and he says " oh here ya go man I know you want a big serving"
I declined but part of me was mad and part of me was upset a little. You see a bigger guy and you want to feed them more LOL makes no sense to me ...I dont get easily tempted ...Never have when it comes to food ...I just for years ate wrong foods at wrong times. I was never one to be at a party or a function and just go nuts with some food...So offering me a big helping of canned cole slaw is not to hard for me to turn down ...
I was also offered an extra ice cream ....ha
I guess I dont blame folks but I have started telling folks at the church that I am changing my eating habits maybe that will help
That brings me to this

What is tempting to me ? I would have to say its things like potato chips...Lays chips with some dip is a good one ...I can do without chocolate...I can do without cookies and cakes.
A good steak is tempting to me ...
I love peanut butter and could maybe eat a whole jar if given the chance ....
I am also a sucker for cereal. I love a big bowl of cereal. Honey Nut Cheerios! Any day of the week and twice on Saturday please ....

So what tempts you ? What do you find a hard time passing up ....Share with me .

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Where or When


I have this post brewing in my head but am not quite ready to publish yet ....
Having said that ...I have a headache from listening to all things political tonight ....When in this country will we get serious about health care for those who are in need ???
Not a left thing or a right thing but folks coming together to help solve this horrible problem. Its a terrible shame that folks cant sit down and talk ...
And a man from South Carolina....A man who represents people from that great state yelled at the president of the United States tonight....In the House chamber. Crazy nuts....I understand not agreeing but show some friggin class and just dont applaud ...
As I said I have an incredible headache and just want to go lay down ....

Today was a great day on the diet front .....I got 64oz + of water in before 11am and thats a first....Am loving drinking all this water ...Its a challenge but its a good one for sure

We had the annual mens fellowship fish fry at church tonight and all things considered I did very good ....Ate one piece of fish, one hushpuppy, green beans and some slaw all washed down with water. So a good thing I think ..
The only bad side is this is actually the first fried food I have had in almost a month so it is doing a bit of a dance in my belly ....I guess thats understandable. Blech

And I want to say Thanks to a guy that i respect ALOT and his name is Jim Houghtby. Many of yall out there dont know him but he is a member of our church and NEVER STOPS....He plans the fish fry every year and did another great job this year. He buys supplies for the church, he leads the mens club, he plans the church picnic, he runs the sound at the 8:30 service, he buys the supplies for the coffee and doughnut fellowship on Sunday mornings, He coordinates the selling of about 6-7000.00 dollars worth of fruit every winter at Christmas. I could go on and on and on
Add to that he is a veteran of WWII who flew missions over Germany and at 87 years old is still making a difference in LOTS of lives...
And if there is somewhere in the church where he can help out ...he is there...
He has a true servants heart ....and hes my friend. God Bless him and all that he does

Kinda a ramble of things tonight ...Peace

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Alone Together


Would you agree with me that many things in life are better with two folks ?? Whether is going to the movies...Marriage, travel, birthdays ...the list could go on and on ...I would also like to add excercise to that mix ...You are more likely to be content on a higher level when you are doing things with a friend.
Things are easier and having that person with you is a wonderful addition to help you both reach those weight loss goals. Sharing the journey.

I walked tonight and went with Laura M again.....Although you are walking, moving at a pretty good clip...wondering if you will make the three miles (we came REALLY close) can still share and laugh and talk about stuff.
For me its a great chance to just let it all out and just go up a blue streak if you can....

I want to add that I also enjoy those nights when its just me ....So perhaps this is a happy mix of the two ...walk alone ...walk together.
The song I chose for my title tonight speaks to that ...Alone Together. Find Chet Bakers version...Pretty good stuff

Sounds perfect for my excercise life.
Good Night and Good Luck (thanks ERM)

Monday, September 07, 2009

Embraceable You


I hope everyone had a nice relaxing Labor Day. Labor Day represents the last holiday till Thanksgiving for many of us ....

I have discussed goals of losing weight and in my mind I have a few that I have not shared....those will come in time...Tonight I wanted to touch on a few things ...

Having friends and family along on this journey....I dont want losing weight to mean that I dont go out anymore with friends. Or have a great time over a meal with my family. I look at it more in the terms of them joining with me on the journey.
I read in some WW book i think that research suggests that an individuals immune system and fucntion drops when there is a lack of positive relationships in their lives.
I am thrilled to be sharing with my friends and family.

Making my mind understand that things are going to happen gradually. I walked with a friend tonight and we touched on the idea that its hard sometimes for those losing weight to see the long term changes. I would love to look in the mirror tomorrow and see a guy who has lost 100+ pounds but part of me is also really enjoying the "wait and see" approach.
The Marines have a saying "sweat is just weakness leaving the body"....Each day that I sweat while walking or working out is another day closer to being in better health.

The excercise part has almost become a normal thing for me now after 3+ weeks. I get antsy when I think I might miss a day or a chance to walk. Is that normal ? I have said before that I dont want to become that guy who obsesses about things...but I am really enjoying walking ..

and last .....I notice that Friday Saturday and Sunday are my worst days because I am off of the routine of the week. During the week I drink most of my water sitting at my desk in the mornings ....I go home for lunch ....I have apples at my desk for snacks...
any suggestions to help with making the weekends better ??

And good night and good luck

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Over There

Nice quiet day that saw me not having to work on a Sunday night and that was good....I started a Disciple class last week at another church and we are meeting Sunday afternoons before I have to be back to work but the class was cancelled tonight due to the holiday weekend.
It was nice to come home from church around lunch and not have anything to do ...
I have been enjoying hearing from everyone regarding my weight loss and my renewed efforts to diet and excercise. Keep those tips coming....
Lots of times we lean on that fence and see that the grass does look a little bit greener....right? I am guilty of it ....
I look at some guys and think ...dang they eat alot but look at how in shape they are ....
Or I see guys running in the park ...passing me every so often and I again think DANG....I wish I could do that ..
But its after that I think ...Please stop. Don't do that and set yourself up for failure by trying to keep up with others. We are each different individuals, that guy that is eatting cheeseburgers for snacks and taking a bath in ice cream might be busting his ass off at the gym 7 days a week just so he can eat all that stuff....
It's a different mindset that I am having to create for myself.....It's hard, but totally worth it and maybe one day I will get a chance to talk to that guy running in the park and find out that he was once like me ....taking it one day at a time ....
Laura M sent me an email and I wanted to share below some of what the article said....This is not mine and is just reprinted with the authors name and publication attached ...I like that he says to relax and enjoy what you are doing...
Happy Reading ....
By Michael Scholtz, M.A., Best Life fitness expert
It's great to be conscientious about your diet and exercise sessions, but cutting yourself some slack keeps your motivation high. Try adopting an 80/20 approach—strive to make healthy choices 80 percent of the time; this leaves room in your weight loss and fitness programs for setbacks. Here's how to do it:
• Change your thinking. Don't use the words "good" or "bad" to describe food, yourself or your behavior. These words can promote the unhealthy all-or-nothing pattern you're trying to avoid.
• Establish a range for goals. This allows for more flexibility. For instance, "I'll walk 30 minutes four to six times a week" is better than planning to walk everyday.
• Schedule off days. Take a day off from exercise each week. Use the time to focus on a nurturing activity, such as reading or catching up with friends.
• Enlist help. Consider meeting with a nutritionist, trainer, counselor or coach. They can help keep you motivated and also make sure your goals are realistic.
• Cheer yourself on. Place a note in your bathroom, your car or on your calendar to remind yourself to relax.
• Be patient. Nothing causes more frustration than thinking you should be losing faster than you are. Aim to shed up to 1 percent of your body weight each week, but realize that plateaus are part of the journey.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Tiger Rag


A fairly quiet Saturday for me ....Just getting home from listening to most of the Auburn game and watching some of the Bama game at the Mielke's. For some reason tonight I am pretty dang tired and can't put a finger on what's causing it ...just feel whipped and run down tonight...anyway.

Went for my weekly weigh in and am happy to let every one know who is following along that I managed to lose 3.5 pounds this past week and once again I am quite pleased.

So here are the numbers...

Starting weight-381 lbs
Todays weight-365.5 lbs
Total lost -15.5 lbs in three weeks.

I am very happy to continue to hear from all the folks out there who are following along on the journey with me. One thing that is very nice is that when I tell folks I am doing this they just get really into hearing about whats going on....They ask questions, they throw support my way, etc ..
It's that kind of thing that encourages you even more to keep going and going. I say THANKS again to everyone...

So, not alot to report tonight except that ....a good quiet day in Lake Wobegon.
More tomorrow ....
Peace and Good Night

Friday, September 04, 2009

One For My Baby


I spent a good portion of my day in Auburn. Always good to be in such a nice place and of course getting to have some good food at the BarBQue house is a a huge plus and add to that it is gameday weekend for the first time this season and it all adds up to a huge WIN .

Lets talk about BarBQue for a few minutes .....
I love it ....LOVE LOVE it ....and for my money there is no better that at the BarBQue House in Auburn Alabama....I have had good BBQue in Memphis and in North Carolina. I have had decent BBQue in California and Georgia but nothing compares to the delight of the stuff you get in Auburn.
Today was a bit different though....Since I am counting points and trying to eat better and shift my focus to more filling foods I decided today to get the BBQ Chicken instead of my regular BBQ sangwich.
Perhaps a mistake was made....The chicken had a nice flavor but was a bit dry for my taste. Every rose has its thorns I guess.....
I always plan my trip to Auburn....I am hardly over there anymore and when I do go I eat at the BBQue house next time I go I will plan for my meal and I will eat the sangwich.
I said from the beginning that I will not deprive myself of foods that I enjoy. I will balance them out, I will cut the portion size, I will perhaps excercise a little more but once you start taking away things that you really enjoy then you are potentially setting yourself for a failure of some kind. As we have talked about its all in making the right choices and living with things in a different way....not denying yourself totally of something.

Enjoy what you are doing and make the absolute most of it ....

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Walking On The Moon


Did anyone see the HUGE moon in the sky tonight? ....just beautiful and full!

verb (used with object)
to soothe, console, or reassure; bring cheer to: They tried to comfort her after her loss.
to make physically comfortable.

relief in affliction; consolation; solace: Her presence was a comfort to him.
a feeling of relief or consolation: Her forgiveness afforded him great comfort.
a person or thing that gives consolation: She was a great comfort to him.
a cause or matter of relief or satisfaction: The patient's recovery was a comfort to the doctor.
a state of ease and satisfaction of bodily wants, with freedom from pain and anxiety: He is a man who enjoys his comfort.
something that promotes such a state: His wealth allows him to enjoy a high degree of comfort.
Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S. a comforter or quilt.
Obsolete. strengthening aid; assistance.

That was alot of definition for one word but we can all find something in our lives that offers us some level of comfort. Most likely we can look at the above listing and find things that SCREAM at us....its who we are.
Laura M cooked a wonderful shepards pie for dinner tonight and invited me over ....It was WW friendly and a HUGE portion was only 5pts.
Afterwards we took the girls for a stroll and that turned into a fairly brisk walk around their neighboorhood. While walking we touched on comfort foods and how much we crave them at times.
We talked about how the shepards pie or something of the equivalent would be great in the cooler months....dark outside with a nice wind blowing and a warm meal on the table that is filling and delicious without being overboard on calories.

What is it about food that brings us so much comfort ? Look back at the definition of the word comfort and think about how many of those things listed are actually true when we relate them to FOOD.
Funeral food, wedding food, birthday celebrations, cookouts, holidays. There is a huge food element in all of these things. Besides funerals, the others represent a time when we see family and friends and have a great time ....and we bring food. We sample what others have brought and talk about how great this is or that is ...we gush about a recipe or a taste. It gives us peace and comfort on a level that many other things in our lives cant come close to compare...

We are not all like this and dont get me wrong in saying that we go to a party for the food over the fellowship...I dont and hopefully you dont either but digging into that creamy cheesy dip with some homemade pita bread chips can be life changing (not really, I kid) but when was the last time I went to a party or to watch a game or celebrate a big event and food was not a part of that situation?
I enjoy trying new things ....but part of this journey, for me, is trying old things in a new way.

So what foods bring you comfort ? If you could have it right now ...what would it be ?


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Stay Awake


Not so much the last week to ten days ...Stay Awake that is ..

Perhaps its the new diet ....maybe its the fact that I am MAKING myself go to bed early each night ...Getting on a tighter schedule. I have come to realize that at 35 years old I am slowly not being able to get by on the bare minimum at night anymore. 4 hours wont cut it ....

Whatever it is ...Its working and for the first time in a LONG time I am actually sleeping at night. I still wake up a bit but nothing like before and I am not laying for hours trying to get to sleep or back to sleep.

I am feeling better and thats the main thing. I would sleep on the roof if it meant I might actually sleep so things are looking up.

Eating better.....excercise...sleeping better....could it all be connected Hmmmmmm

Speaking of sleep....How do you sleep? Do you get in the bed, turn the light off and BAM you are gone ...or do you have a ritual of some kind you follow??

I watch TV before going to bed ....usually read while watching and typically the last thing I watch before going to bed is some part or all of an episode of The West Wing.

One last thing before bed .....Has anyone ever tried the Bocca Burgers that you get in the frozen food section at the grocery store..

They are meatless but I happen to like them but was wondering other folks thoughts on them and if you use them or have tried them what, if anything do you do to them to "jazz" them up at all ....

Have a great Thursday...


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September of My Years


It rained today ...again!
I really thought I was going to have to walk in the rain again this evening but it actually turned out to be a very nice night for walking. I had with me tonight for the first time some company and it was nice to have someone to chat with about things.....
He is trying to make some big decisions about his upcoming future and for some strange reason he wanted my advice ...HA !!! SUCKER
Add to that the fact that since May he has also been trying to lose weight and has lost 21lbs and eventually wants to lose about 40. He said seeing my excitement the last few weeks has been great and asked if he could join me more for walking. Sounds good to me and the converstaion was a welcome addition.

Tonight for dinner I made this really good oven"fried" chicken tenders.
The fried part was crushed up corn flakes.
You soak the chicken in 1/3 of a cup of buttermilk and cayenne pepper.
Dipped in egg whites ....dipped in flower and then the corn flakes.
Add to this the Sage brown gravy.
Which was
2 T flour
1 T butter
1 Cup low sodium chicken broth
1/4 t sage
The total points was 6 for three chicken fingers and the gravy
I added to that some turnips and then I boiled some cauliflower florets, drained and added spray butter, salt/pepper, and mashed them up to make mashed cauliflower. A VERY filling meal....

So my question for you all tonight is this ....Whats your favorite fruit ?
I happen to enjoy a good crisp gala apple or an orange. Thanks to my introduction to them two years ago I also enjoy a good Clementine !!!

So whats yours ??