Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Back Pages


Its been a busy couple of weeks for me and due to that I have found myself not getting around weighing in like I should. I am still working the points of WW and getting in excercise when I can but I would be lying if i did not say it had been a tough couple of months...specially the last few weeks. Add to that an aggravation of an old back injury and you have me just a little blah. I am still comfortable with what I have dont in almost 11 months of being on Weight Watchers but am still looking for that change in momentum. Any suggestions dear readers ?
Just for fun though I have included something I found on someones blog this morning ...enjoy.

Found online today ....

Signs You Have Hired a Bad Trainer

Makes you do jumping jacks in the parking lot for an hour

Keeps calling you “Bootylicious”

Eats three caramel apples during your session

Lots of self-done tattoos

Not sure what a “bicep curl” is

Dresses in an official Star Trek uniform

Tells you last job was as Wac-a-Mole operator for traveling carnival

Thinks “Gluteus Maximus” is “that dude in the Gladiator movie”

Spends first thirty minutes of session trying to convince you that professional wrestling isn’t fake

Asks you to hold the funnel while he pours tequila into water bottle

Claims to have gotten personal training degree from The University of Harvard

All former clients have passed away due to mysterious circumstances

Loves to encourage you by speaking “baby talk”

Holds sessions in his trailer

Sits down on your stomach in the middle of your bench press

Schedules six people at the same time

Offers to be paid in Crystal Meth

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do You Want To Know A Secret



Im going to tell you a secret. Its a big one to...Some of you out there maybe already know it but others of you dont.....

Sometimes Im really terrible at this weight loss business. I mean for the past couple months I have really struggled with the ups and downs. I have managed to maintain my weight for the past 4 months and when all is said and done I have gained three pounds of the total 61.5 that I have lost. Not bad.
I have let being sick keep me from doing right and as we speak I am suffering what can only be called HORRIBLE back problems all incurred while PUSHING a box across a table at work...Yes, pushing a box. Also add to that I watch Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and Man VS Food all the time and seeing some of that stuff makes me want to take a road trip and hit all the diners and dives.

I seldom if ever track my calories. I sometimes have a loose way of going about this dieting business. I believe that if I maintain a active lifestyle incorporating a great deal of exercise...I should be able to eat what I want, as long as what I want to eat isnt a wheelbarrow filled with carrot cake or something equally unhealthy. I am not the perfect picture of Weight Watchers .

And to be honest I dont have a real coherent plan on the exercise front....other than to try to get some exercise every day. I try to mix it up… weights, walking, elliptical(sometimes)....its pretty much whatever I feel most like doing that day. Except for days when I dont feel like doing anything in which case its the thing that I feel like not doing the least.... if that even makes any sense.

But heres the thing: im not as overweight as I was a year ago. Ive still got work to do, but things are looking better.


Im going to keep it in overdrive, keep powering forward for all that im worth.

I hope you will, too, because weve still got work to do.