Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cant Go Back Now


Friday Morning is here ...its 12am dead on and I thought why not write a blog post before getting into bed to watch some TV...

I remember when I got my first comment on a blog was fun. Its still a little fun to get those comments. I dont always comment when I should on other blogs but I do read. But if we are being honest we LOVE getting a comment. It validates our efforts.

I can not pinpoint an exact reason why I do this. People enjoy it?
I have so many grammatical errors...yet no one corrects me. Perhaps they enjoy the content. They see the passion I have towards my new goals in life. I do not write to please all. I think I write with some kind of passion about things that mean a lot to me ...

But I do blog. I do write.... I am random and you never know what is going to come out of my mouth. I might blog about this or that but its always heartfelt

I do not mind screwing up....I do not mind saying something stupid. I mind not saying anything at all.

So why do I blog? Same reason as you.....

Because I can!

PS- I am dreaming of a white Christmas ....Goodnight all !!

Monday, July 26, 2010

We Are The World


I have been missing for a couple of weeks(ok months) but here I am back again and ready to get things going on a somewhat regular schedule. I have been travelling, working on days when I should go weight in and in general been off track since May. I promised honesty from the I am trying to keep with that. I have gained and lost over the last couple of months and have been proud of myself for maintaining what I have lost but the blogging has suffered and it really does help keep me accountable.
I know I was missed ...right? RIGHT ????
This post is about weight loss of course but its about blogging as a whole too ...

I have started and deleted about 50 posts it seems and everytime I thought I had something that I wanted to finish with a PUBLISH POST hit I just couldnt seem to bring it home to my satisfaction but I started thinking about things again as I was going through the blogs im following and deleting out the ones that havent updated in forever.
Most of of us blog to some degree but I know its a bit of a downer when we dont update on a regular basis. To be honest.....

...Its kind of depressing.....I see so many of us out there writing “This Is It!” and “Never Give Up!” posts that were immediately followed by.....crickets.
I am the first person to stand before the judge and say "Guilty as charged your honor"
Twitter has done a tremdous job in killing blogging I suppose...And I am a guy who Tweets and I will admit that I enjoy the back and forth nature of twitter. The almost instant access you get in the limited form of converstation. But you can only tweet so much about your weight loss journey. Or your trip to the Bahamas. Or your kids getting their first haircut. Or an upcoming special event like a wedding or your decision to go sky diving.

I am surprised to find that there are quite a few whose stories I am really into for a time in the blogging world but then folks stop blogging...But out of sight, out of mind and new more active voice come along to fill that void.

The sad thing is that I suspect that these folks havent just dropped the ball on their blogging but perhaps on other parts of their life also...We are at the end of the day creatures of habit and if they are anything like me they have lapsed into that mindset that says if Im not thinking hard about what im eating, the calories dont count. If im not weighing myself regularly, im not gaining weight.

Im afraid that we are going to wake up one day and realize that we have lost a lot of ground on our/my journey, that we have slipped back down that slippery slope where climbing is such a slow, tough climb but sliding back can happen as quick as a hiccup.

I have a good bit of weight I still want to lose and I am going to continue blogging about it like my success depends on it....because in a very real sense I believe it does.
This week I start going to weigh in on a new night at a new time. THe class has several men in it and I was advised that perhaps they could offer some support that those lovely ladies at the other meeting cannot.
With the first of August coming up I will be approaching my one year anniversay with Weight Watchers and I have to say its been a great ride. I have lost a good amount of weight but as I said before...I have miles to go.
And let me add this ...My health insurance premium has really gone through the roof in the last year and today I called around to perhaps find another company to handle my needs...I could not find one that would take me based on what I weight when factored with my height. I accept their rules and their policies but it really pissed me off and kinda started a fire under me to "SHOW THEM" that I can lose this weight and get insurance from them eventaully...

My busy summer is not over yet....In less than three weeks I head to South Dakota on a mission trip and will be gone for like 10 days. I am excited about the chance to serve but also dreading the trip at the same time...if that even makes sense.
Anyway folks ...I am back and looking forward to new and exciting things ...

“There's a choice we're making
We're saving our own lives
It's true we'll make a better day
Just you and me.”