Saturday, June 26, 2010

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Its been a busy couple of weeks for me and due to that I have found myself not getting around weighing in like I should. I am still working the points of WW and getting in excercise when I can but I would be lying if i did not say it had been a tough couple of months...specially the last few weeks. Add to that an aggravation of an old back injury and you have me just a little blah. I am still comfortable with what I have dont in almost 11 months of being on Weight Watchers but am still looking for that change in momentum. Any suggestions dear readers ?
Just for fun though I have included something I found on someones blog this morning ...enjoy.

Found online today ....

Signs You Have Hired a Bad Trainer

Makes you do jumping jacks in the parking lot for an hour

Keeps calling you “Bootylicious”

Eats three caramel apples during your session

Lots of self-done tattoos

Not sure what a “bicep curl” is

Dresses in an official Star Trek uniform

Tells you last job was as Wac-a-Mole operator for traveling carnival

Thinks “Gluteus Maximus” is “that dude in the Gladiator movie”

Spends first thirty minutes of session trying to convince you that professional wrestling isn’t fake

Asks you to hold the funnel while he pours tequila into water bottle

Claims to have gotten personal training degree from The University of Harvard

All former clients have passed away due to mysterious circumstances

Loves to encourage you by speaking “baby talk”

Holds sessions in his trailer

Sits down on your stomach in the middle of your bench press

Schedules six people at the same time

Offers to be paid in Crystal Meth


Laura Mielke said...

i know what it feels like to be in a drag or drought... but the truth is you just have to keep going. you can get pats on the back and encouragement and as you know it does help but in the end it is all up to you. if it all depends on your circle of friends ( which I don't think that you think it does) then I have to ask... what can we do to help? anything? I want to see you continue to succeed but you aren't building yourself up very much lately so I guess I'll try to fill in the gaps. I love you and believe in you! keep on keeping on, stick to the points and get the exercise in any way you can. only then will you see the pounds start coming off again! you can do it!

Anonymous said...

(JMA) I think the trick with exercise is finding something you like. Maybe lifting heavy things for an hour doesn't leave you feeling like you can't wait to do it over, but maybe thirty minutes on a stationary bike while reading a magazine or listening to a podcast is something you can do again.

A filling food for me is a simple omelette. And they are great for using up things in the fridge! I make mine with that Eggbeaters product. My favorite is turkey and mushroom, but you can start with some diced onion, or pepper, or tomato, or anything else! Slice a couple of mushrooms and put them in a small pan with some turkey. When the mushrooms are done, pour in a container of Eggbeaters. When it's cooked on the bottom, finish under the broiler.

A snack food I am loving lately is kiwi fruit. Slice the top off like a boiled egg and scoop out the inside with a teaspoon. Kiwi fruit are so sweet and full of nutrients.

Hang in there. You can do this.